Back in the 90’s the Internet was still shiny and new. An early adopter, I wrote two books, Enter.Net and InterNotes on how to get online and get the most out of the Internet. After working for a few years as a news reporter, then editor, I was tasked with setting up an online women’s magazine called Velvet, and subsequently I founded travel magazine Travelo.

Recently I’ve been writing for film and culture publications, interviewing the Avengers cast, Robert De Niro and M. Night Shyamalan among others. Besides my career in journalism I also worked as a translator, translating biographies and autobiographies of musicians like Eric Clapton and Leonard Cohen into Hungarian.

I have just published a travel guidebook titled The Rugby Fan’s Travel Guide to Japan. Published in July 2019, this book is a comprehensive guide to all 12 host cities of this year’s Rugby World Cup. Get it from Amazon.

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